About Us

Hamel Dental

This dental practice was started by Dr. Wm. H. Keehn in the 1950’s and has been an important part of the community since. Purchased by Dr. Wm. B. Hamel III in 1985 it now is a father and son family practice that serves families and individuals of all ages from all over the country! With Dr. Philip J. Hamel now a part of our team, you can be sure we will continue to be serving our patients into the distant future.

Our mission is to guide our patients to excellent dental health which includes attractive cosmetic appearance. We are trained to treat all ages so we are a family that can care for your family. Our team strives to create an open, respectful and friendly dental home where we work with you to exceed your personal health goals. We strive to exceed your expectations and as a result we often see second and third generation patients. Through regular continuing education we provide the highest quality care with the latest proven techniques and materials. Good overall health starts with excellent dental health.