New Patients

Dentist Accepting New Patients 

We have a few different ways that new patients first come to see us.

  • You just want a second opinion or a consultation to meet us. Plan about 30 minutes for this appointment and there will be no charge. We will quote fees for any subsequent appointments.
  • You have an immediate concern or pain and just want this one problem treated for now. Plan about an hour for this appointment.
  • You have concerns about your teeth and mouth and would like to know everything about your oral health. Perhaps it has been some time since you have seen a dentist. We will take the necessary x-rays, perform a comprehensive exam, give you a tour of your mouth and start discussing our findings and treatment options.
  • You have been seeing a dentist regularly and you have no concerns but just want to be sure your dental health is the best it can be. We can schedule time with our hygienist to have your teeth cleaned, update your x-rays and then have Dr. Hamel perform a comprehensive exam and tour of your mouth. You should plan two hours for this appointment.
  • Children and young adults up to 18 years old receive the same attention to their dental health but with an additional emphasis on their growth and development. We are expert in helping you decide when it is time to see an orthodontist.

Our new patient examination is one of co-discovery. You will be a part of the process to fully understand your dental health. We utilize an intra-oral camera to help patients to see their teeth and gums.

Our comprehensive examination includes an in-depth medical and dental health history, complete exam of your teeth with an honest assessment of their condition and the condition of all fillings, crowns, bridges, etc.  We also perform a thorough exam of your gum tissue and check for the presence of disease and inflammation. Included is a bite analysis, TM joint and muscle assessment plus an oral cancer screening. We can check your blood pressure if you like and make referrals to physicians for medical concerns you may have such as Sleep Apnea.